happy easter! you might recognize this gif from my ‘life of christ’ series. check it out here. 


happy easter! you might recognize this gif from my ‘life of christ’ series. check it out here

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I just learned the word ‘normcore’.   My brain is in knots.  So it’s like hipsters that don’t want to look like hipsters so they wear clothing that is so  bland and un-ironic that it circles back around and becomes ironic? I need some dad shoes now. 



This makes me want to cry.

Same here, buddy. Same here.

If I tried this with the chicken we had when I was little I would not have eyeballs.

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Glenn Gould, April 1957.

Glenn Gould, April 1957.

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Nightline Prime documentary (trailer above) on Purity Balls tonight at 9pm (For more info, click here; For a related post, click here


So the twins are barely a month old, ages away from being able to handle crayons at all, but when I was at the grocery store earlier today, I saw this and had to have it.


I’ll be honest. It was the slightly drunk look Goliath has on his face that made me stop and look at this thing in the…

This is amazing

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Arnold Schoenberg rocking a one-piece bathing suit. 

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fucking unstoppable


fucking unstoppable

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Welp I haven’t been running or done leg stuff for like three weeks because I broke myself and now I’m feeling all ugly and gross again.  Also I have a wisdom tooth that hurts and I don’t know when I’ll have time to get it removed. My recital hearing is in two weeks, and then my recital is in April and I don’t want to get on stage with chipmunk face.  I’m falling apart.  I hate having a human body. 

"This is why presuppositional apologetics are so important!"

— Two biblical studies majors I overheard discussing the upcoming film “God’s Not Dead”